Yoke The'

About Us

Yoke The’ was established in 2018 as a subsidiary of Taw Win Kanbawza Mountain Co.ltd which is a tea company with almost 30 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing black tea across the country. Our family business in tea has been started all the way back in 1940 by my grandfather, who made his living in Shan Highlands where tea is a major crop. Around 1980, my father started trading varieties of mountain tea to mainland and worked as a tea merchant supplying to wholesalers and warehouses in middle part of the country.

Then in the early 2000, as the third generation of family, I established a distribution company and started retail business by selling mountain black tea directly to consumers and supplying to local tea shops throughout the country. Since drinking tea at local tea shop is one of the significant parts in daily life of Myanmar people, most of the black tea consumptions go to local tea shops. During 1990s to 2000, driven by the robust consumers demand, we imported CTC tea, produced in advance method which gives strongly flavored tea at faster rate from neighborhood countries. However, the increased demand for imported CTC led to decline in domestic black tea production. To satisfy the growing rise of preference and local demand, we went to learn method of manufacturing CTC tea in China and India in 2001. Since then we support local productions to set up factories with advanced mechanism to produce CTC tea locally. In such way, domestic black tea gains back 60 % of local market from 2001 to 2015.

Our aim is to produce the best quality Myanmar Black tea while improving the quality of lives for local tea growers and expand into global market.

Yoke The’ focus has always been on long-established tea culture of Myanmar while giving the authentic taste of Myanmar milk tea. Myanmar has its own distinct tea culture. Tea culture refers to the way of people consumed the tea, how they prepare the tea and how they interact with it. Myanmar tea culture mostly came from road-side tea shops on every neighborhood areas or corner of markets where people hangs out with friends, sitting at low wooden table and stools. For Myanmar people, visiting tea shops is leisure and social event, so it is already another part of authentic cultural experience.