Yoke The'

Milk Tea

in Myanmar local style

Myanmar Milk Tea

There are different types of flavors in Myanmar milk tea allowing customers to choose according to their likings. Mainly based on the black tea, and the taste variations differ according to the level of condensed milk and evaporated milk added to the brewed tea cup by tea master at the tea shop. Yoke The’ gives similar taste of Myanmar local tea in a pack which people can easily have at home for those who couldn’t get to the tea shops and those who are out of the country. Our ready-to-drink milk tea follow the way of traditional step-bystep brewed tea with combination of three ingredients: organic CTC, brown sugar and creamer. We are the first brand to offer 4 different flavors of tea with 2 types of grades.


Pone Mahn

(Regular milk tea) mixture of equal portion of 3 ingredients

Pawt Seint

(Less sweet and creamy tea) more milky taste, less sugar and less black tea

Phan Cho

(Semi-bitter sweet tea) strong black tea and sweet

Phan Seint

(Semi-bitter creamy tea) strong black tea and more milk